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Comprehensive Reporting

Essential insights into your students’ learning


Interactive data visualizations provide leaders with an enhanced view of Star’s district reporting for more powerful insights. Dig deeper into your data than ever before using Schoolzilla Starter’s multiple filters, demographic comparisons, and longitudinal views.

We are excited for Star customers to start taking advantage of this powerful new feature during the 2020-2021 school year!

Interactive data visualizations

How it Works

Why Star is quick and accurate

1. Computer-adaptive testing

Star Assessments are computer-adaptive tests, meaning each student’s testing experience is unique. For new students, Star starts at grade level—or at the level set by their teacher. For returning students, Star picks up at the level they left off.

2. Automatic adjustments

When a student answers a question correctly, Star automatically selects a more difficult item to be the next question. When a student answers a question incorrectly, the opposite occurs and the next item is less difficult than the current one.

4. Accurate results

By adapting to students and eliminating unnecessary questions, Star can accurately measure student performance and growth with fewer items and less time. Complete results are immediately available for educators via interactive, easy-to-read reports.

3. No repetition

The system understands how skills relate to one another—and that a student correctly answering advanced items doesn’t need to be tested separately on the basic component skills. For example, a student who aces complex algebra questions won’t see items testing basic addition skills.

A Closer Look

Dive deeper into Star


Star data is linked to the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. You’ll know as early as sixth grade which students are on track for meeting college expectations.


In addition to achievement, Star measures growth via a Student Growth Percentile. Learn what SGP is, how it’s measured, and why it matters.

Learning progressions

Star leverages empirically validated learning progressions to help you keep all students on track for your state’s grade-level standards.


Star has been approved by more than two dozen states as a sole assessment solution or as part of an approved list.


Learn how Star Assessments can help you ensure success for all students

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