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Explore what makes myIGDIs so effective

The myIGDIs suite combines curriculum-based measures for early literacy and early numeracy with observational tools—known as ProLADR—for social-emotional learning and related developmental domains. These measures and tools give early childhood educators actionable insight into each child’s progress and instructional needs.


myIGDIs measures and seasonal benchmarks are grounded in years of research by child development experts, so you can have confidence in the reliability and validity of the results.

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How It Works

How does myIGDIs work?

1. Screen

You administer myIGDIs measures for early literacy and early numeracy in a 1-on-1 setting. For social-emotional and other developmental assessments, you observe students over time and record results.

2. Know

When you view results, you can easily see whether each child is meeting seasonal benchmarks or needs additional support to catch up.

4. Monitor

In addition to seasonal screening, you can administer myIGDIs to monitor the progress of children receiving intervention.

3. Plan

Use your assessment data to plan daily instruction and target interventions to each child’s specific learning needs.


Track the development of critical foundational skills

Discover how myIGDIs measures for early literacy and early numeracy—along with ProLADR observational tools for social-emotional and related development—help you determine each child’s readiness for kindergarten.

Early Literacy (English)

A direct-child approach to monitoring English language and literacy development, these measures are available for either dual iPad or paper administration.

Early Literacy (English)

Clear instructions, student prompts, and scoring information mean you can administer early literacy measures in about 10 minutes per child.

  • Picture Naming (oral language)
  • Rhyming (phonological awareness)
  • Alliteration (phonological awareness)
  • Sound ID (alphabet knowledge)
  • “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” (comprehension)


Explore how myIGDIs measures and observational tools help preschool educators close skill gaps and keep children engaged in learning.

On-Demand Webinar

Join the co-creator of myIGDIs for tips on using your assessment data to support students’ early learning journeys.

Help all children build a strong foundation for success

Discover why educators in more than 13,000 US schools rely on myIGDIs to evaluate the needs of their preschool learners.

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