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Students who use Freckle don’t just “catch up”—they get ahead

The research is clear: when we meet students where they are, students are much more likely to grow.

Teachers can assign whole-class or individualized assignments in Freckle, and students can self-pace their own practice. Either way, Freckle continuously adapts to meet students where they are. Because of its direct support for differentiated teaching and its adaptive, personalized practice, using Freckle with your students will mean educators can ensure that every student gets the practice they need.

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Recommended research and resources

Freckle Math Can Help Address Learning Loss

Students who practiced in Freckle for at least 100 days in the spring and summer of 2020 not only avoided the COVID Slide, but saw math gains.

Trends in Student Outcome Measures

Students who practiced math using Freckle saw higher levels of growth from fall-to-winter.

Freckle’s Research-Based Differentiation Methodology

Freckle’s rigorous, evidence-based differentiation platform supports the growth of all students when used as a primary or supplementary classroom resource.


Success stories from schools and districts like yours

Polk County Public Schools

How focusing on relationships, trust, and communication led to incredible math growth in Polk County Public Schools.

Peabody Public Schools

How educators at Peabody Public Schools in MA are inspiring hope and measuring growth.

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Learn how Freckle can help you differentiate teaching and practice for every student.


See what other teachers have to say about the impact they were able to make with Freckle.

Why educators love Freckle

Recommended research

Students who practiced math using Freckle saw higher levels of growth from fall-to-winter. This positive outcome increased as students engaged in practice that met or exceeded Freckle guidelines and as they used the program for more weeks in the school year.

Give every student practice they’ll ask for

Join over 1,000,000 educators in the US and UK who are celebrating student growth with Freckle.

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