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Why 24/7 access to 15,000+ books matters



Researchers found that kids with access to 500 books at home can be expected to graduate high school. Children with minimal access to books at home often don’t make it past ninth grade.


Engaged readers spend 500% more time reading than disengaged readers. To be engaged readers, students need to spend time reading both at school and outside of the school day.


Students who read 15 minutes or more per day achieve accelerated reading gains, while students who read less than 15 minutes per day may be at risk of falling behind their peers.


Nearly half of students read for less than 15 minutes a day. Students read most in elementary school, but by the end of high school the typical student spends just 8 minutes per day reading books.

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Recommended research and resources

Research Foundation for myON

To strengthen students’ reading comprehension skills, myON was developed based on three key principles: accessibility; autonomy and differentiation; and feedback and learning analytics.

The Magic of 15 Minutes

Multiple studies reveal the powerful connection between students’ reading behaviors and their academic achievement

What Kids Are Reading: 2022 Edition

The world’s largest annual study of K–12 student reading habits reveals key factors for accelerating growth.

Literacy Growth Factors

Reading at the just-right level of challenge helps students get more growth out of their reading practice.


Success stories from schools and districts like yours

Increased access supports increased reading

Mission CISD in Mission, Texas, saw students read twice as many books in a single school year after adding myON, which tripled the number of titles available to students.

Robust reading program raises test scores

Oxnard School District in Oxnard, California, used myON to expand students’ book access—especially to nonfiction titles in Spanish—and saw its state reading test scores rise.

More success stories from Renaissance

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