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See how Accelerated Reader supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in daily reading practice.

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What Kids Are Reading is the world’s largest annual study of K–12 student reading habits. The 2022 edition lists the most popular books at every grade level—and shows you new & noteworthy titles, popular Spanish titles, and much more.

What Kids Are Reading 2022

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What makes Accelerated Reader effective?

Thought-leadership content on reading and instruction

Helpful guides, blogs, webinars, and more

The True Impact of Accelerated Reader

Judi Paul, the creator of AR, celebrates the program’s 35th anniversary with stories of its impact on students around the country.

How Accelerated Reader Supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When we select book titles for AR, we strive to ensure we’re meeting the needs of students and schools across the US. Here’s how.

Why Reluctant Readers Need Authors They Can Trust

See how AR can help struggling and reluctant readers to experience the joy of reading—often for the first time.

Using Accelerated Reader in High School

With the average teenager reading for just 6 minutes per day, it’s critical to inspire more daily reading practice. AR can help.

Misconceptions About Student Literacy

Why does students’ reading growth flatline in the middle and upper grades—and what can we do to reverse this?

Quizzing at Home in Accelerated Reader

Get expert guidance on enabling at-home AR quizzing, along with answers to common questions.

Help students develop a true love for reading

Join the thousands of other educators seeing a difference in their schools and districts with Accelerated Reader.

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